Chairman's Message

Aklia Group of Institution has a strong professional orientation with a focus on academic excellence and placements. At the same time, we embrace our social obligation and are committed to ensure that our activities & benefits society with which we are strongly interwoven.

Aklia Educational & Research Society endeavors to attain merit in every enterprises-education, research, training and other co-curricular activities. We strive to make continuous improvement in pedagogical tools to ensure a conductive environment wherein the students unravel their potential and develop their inherent insight and skills.

Another area where we have given attention is the creation of an ideal campus, free form the menaces of copying, private tuitions and drug abuse we have time and again affirmed our commitment to society through endeavors such as dedication of the year 2009 to social welfare.

We would continue with our earnest efforts in this direction and have dedicated the year 2010 to placements to benefit the students not only of this institute but of the entire Malwa Region. Aklia Educational & Research Society is indebted to you for the tremendous support extended to us in the past. It may firm belief that your encouraging response would be source of inspection in future too.

I am positive about the success of Aklia Groups of Institution. Our achievements will not blind us to continue to the achieve all that we can consistent with our mission as student-centered institute. With the privileges of serving in our great nation, we put forward our complete dedication and devotion to achieve what it takes to the best so.

Aklia Educational & Research Society of higher learning is a place where teachers and students meet & learn the useful knowledge which has been experimented, tested and analyses through experiences. The development of any society depends upon the dynamic nature of its education system. Education plays an important role in shaping the destiny of nation.

Today Aklia Institute is like a sapling which will grow into big banyan tree in the field of education. Our sincere efforts are in providing quality teacher education to the student with young learned & dedicated teacher education and supporting human resources. The Aklia College of Education is a part of Aklia Institute. Our mission is to provide a solid foundation for life long learning upon which students can achieve maximum potential.

The vision and foresight for the founded of this institute is to preserve our cultural heritage and provide healthy learning environment. The institute is striving for the giving quality education to students. I extend my good wishes to pupil-teachers and hope they will have a brilliant career.

�Let us, then, be up and doing,
With a heart for any fate:
Still achieving, still pursuing
Learn to Labour and to wait.�
(Gurtej Singh Brar)
Aklia Educational & Research Society
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