Principal's Message

Dear Students,

It is my sincere pleasure to welcome all the students in Aklia College of Education (Women).

The college has completed one year and achieved many laurels and acclamations in return.

We got 100% results and 30 of our students managed to get above 75% and 65 of them above 70%.

We also got two gold medals in Inter-University Youth festival and thus keeping our head high with competitive and sportsmanship spirit.

The brick and mortar age is fast giving way to the cyber world. Technology is revolutionizing every walk of life. To be resourceful, one ought to be tech-savvy. I believe in providing our students with the right IT foundation, which will equip them with skills and capabilities to teach effectively and more competitively.

Through the introduction of collaborative learning methodology, it is my hope that the students will be initiated into interacting in groups. This would promote their social skills as well as enhance their thinking capacities. This would, in turn, create in them a positive approach to learning.

Our goal remains focused on producing responsible and proactive citizens of the world young people who enrich their professions, with a high degree of competence and initiative wherever in the world they may be. To that end, we ensure that our students develop an international outlook and well-rounded personalities possible only from exposure to an outstanding academic environment.

Our main purpose is to produce good teachers and our hard working teachers have helped us in achieving this Herculean task and nothing could have been possible without there efforts.

As the teachers are building blocks of the society, therefore our college strives for producing best and ideal teachers who would show the right direction to the upcoming talent .

I am always hopeful for the better future of the institution.

Aklia College of Education (ACE)
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