Management Zone

Welcome to the Aklia Educational & Research Society. Looking back at the achievements of past five years I feel proud to be the part of Aklia College of Education located in small and supportive community that has high expectations from this distinguished and distinctive institute.

Our mission is to provide a solid foundation for life long learning upon which students can achieve maximum potential. The vision and foresight of the founders of this institute is on preservation of our cultural heritage and growing healthy, positive learning environment.

Aklia Educational & Research Society is strongly aligned to an educational paradigm that focuses on empowering students with appropriate life skills and a sound knowledge domain bearing particular relevance in the context of a globalised world.

Our standardized scores are above all the colleges. A major strength of Aklia college is its young, dynamic staff bringing new educational approaches to the programme we consider both progressive and traditional.

The rigorous academic programme with array of sporting and non sporting co-curricular options coupled with a worthwhile boarding experience provides ample opportunities for students to acquire essential. leadership skills and become life long learners.

I invite parents and students to be a part of the Aklia Educational & Research Society family, sharing common ideals and aspirations as we forge through a proven challenging and enriching educational experience for our students. Therefore to inculcate positive attitude and make women self-dependent, we have whole heartedly desire to establish more educational and research institutes in future. I myself along with my respected committee members welcome all the students who have entered into this prestigious institution.
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