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Welcome to the Aklia Polytechnic College, Bathinda,.

Aklia Polytechnic College was set up under the aegis of Aklia Educational and Research Society at Bathinda, Punjab in 2008.

Today it enjoys the status of an A grade Institute with excellent infrastructure. Its qualified, young and dynamic faculty nurtures the students and helps them to imbibe advanced knowledge and skills in the fields of engineering, technology and applied sciences.

Beyond the domain of academics, Aklia Polytechnic College organizes programmes which help the students to acquire market oriented skills and tools, thereby, enhancing their employability. Personality development programmes at the Institute prepare the students to hone their latent skills in human relationships and management.

The Institute provides excellent hostel accommodation for both boys and girls. The hostels are under the charge of wardens who not only take care of the daily needs of the students but also ensure that their wards are comfortable. In fact the wardens play the role of secondary parents and ensure that their students feel at home during their study programme.

With Aklia Polytechnic College having come of age, the Aklia Foundation, which is managed by hard-core professionals and philanthropists, has now defined the following objective for the Institute:

Er. Gurbhej Singh (M-tech)
Aklia Polytechnic College
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