Faculty List

Sr. No. Name of faculty Designation Qualification Pay Scales offered
1 Smt. Asha Rani Principal M.A Hist,M.A Economics,B.ed,M.ed AS per P.S.E.B
2 Miss Parminder Kaur Lect. Eng M.A Eng,B.ed,M.ed AS per P.S.E.B
3 Smt. Chatna Rani Lect. SS Mistress,Lect. Pol.Sci M.A Pol.Sci,Economics,B.ed AS per P.S.E.B
4 Miss Surinder Kaurs Lect. Punjabi M.A Pol.Sci,Punjabi,B.ed AS per P.S.E.B
5 Mrs. Sarabjeet Kaur Lect. Physical Edu M.A Physical Edu,M.Phil AS per P.S.E.B
6 Sh. Navjot Sharma Lect. Math M.sc Math,B.ed AS per P.S.E.B
7 Miss Arvinder Kaur Lect. English M.A Eng,B.ed AS per P.S.E.B
8 Miss Gagandeep Kaur Lect. Hindi M.A Hindi,B.ed,M.ed,M.Phil AS per P.S.E.B
9 Miss Hinna Science Mistress B.sc,M.ed AS per P.S.E.B
10 Mrs. Sunita Rani Lect. Biology M.A,M.ed,B.sc,B.ed AS per P.S.E.B
11 Mrs. Kamaljeet Kaur Lect. Physics M.Sc Phy.,M.Phil AS per P.S.E.B
12 Mrs. Prabhleen Kaur Lect. Computer Sci. B.Tech Computer AS per P.S.E.B
13 Miss Davinder Kaur Lect. Computer Sci.s B.Tech Computer AS per P.S.E.B

Sr. No. Name of faculty Designation Qualification
Supporting Staff
1 Ms. Mamta Sharma Librarian M.A. M.Lib.
2 Sh. Manish Sharma Clerk B.A,PGDCA
Class Four Peon
1 Vikram Peon Middle
2 Lovedeep Singh Chowkidar 10+2
3 Indu Sweeper
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